"Rick was able to capture my vision and create it for me. Even owners with high expectations will be awestruck with the results that Rick achieves. Just look at the photos of his work. Those beauties should tell you all you need to know about Motosmith Restorations."     G.L.



"As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. During the entire build I was kept up to speed visually,mechanically, and financially. As the photos show, the finished product far exceeds the sum of it's parts. Thanks Motosmith Restorations! "    B.W.G.  



"I have a Benelli 750 SEI.  This six cylinder machine is a rare blend of design, magic, and function. I had problems with poor performance. I suspect the previous owner did as well. Rick was able to diagnose and solve this issue by thinking outside the box and fixing a problem that had existed for a very long time. . The motorcycle is now well sorted and runs great!  As they say," another one saved".  Thanks Motosmith Restoration!"     T.S.

Motosmith motorcycle restorations Rick Walsh

Thom, Willy G. and Rick at the Half Moon Bay Ledgend of the Motorcycle event